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International Day of Happiness 2017

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March 20th is the annual International Day of Happiness. Since 2012 this day has been celebrated across the world to remind people to be happy, spread happiness and share happiness, in order to create a happier world!

Experts have long known that personal happiness contributes to greater well-being, life satisfaction and even life expectancy. But surprisingly, happiness doesn’t always come from a highly paid job, a big house and a flash car. Happiness goes much deeper than that. Perhaps there’s some truth to the saying that happiness comes from the smaller things in life.

So, here’s the Oakeley blog’s guide to being happy and staying happy….

  • Don’t see happiness as a huge life goal – rather, happiness can be defined as a lot of little steps, activities and people in your daily life that make you smile. If small things make you happy, your whole life will be happier rather than obsessing each day and minute about whether you feel happy.
  • Decide what makes you happy and make time for it – it could be seeing friends, reading a book, taking up a hobby like painting or baking. But whatever it is, ensure you make time for it each week.
  • Don’t seek perfection – life isn’t perfect, for anybody. Recognise that at some points in your life you may not feel happy, you might be stressed, tired, exhausted or sad. All of these emotions are a normal part of life – it’s impossible to be happy every single moment. But when you do feel down or tired, try to seek out the things that do make you happy so you can aim for a bit of balance.
  • Take a tip from the little people in your life – small children live life by the minute. They don’t think about the past or future too much – if they feel happy in that moment they express it. When you feel happy, try to hold on to it and recognise it so that you can hold on to it.
  • Take responsibility – your happiness or unhappiness can never be blamed on anyone but yourself. Despite what is happening in your life, you have the power to control your thoughts. Happy thoughts = a happy mind.
  • Take care you yourself – inner happiness starts with being healthy and fit. Eat well and get some exercise and plenty of sleep.
  • Spend time outdoors – walking, running, hiking or cycling are all great activities that you can do outdoors to boost your endorphins (the feel-happy hormones in your brain).
  • Don’t compare yourself to others – the problem with comparing yourself to other people is that the goalposts are constantly changing – depending on how good, or not, the other people are doing. Focus on yourself, rather than other people.
  • Trust in strangers – if you are able to place more trust in strangers then you’ll be able to place trust in your life happiness. It’s easy to be sceptical and cynical about the world these days but try trusting those strangers in your community a little more and you’ll find that your life, and the world, will be a happier place!


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International Day of Happiness 2017
Today is International Day of Happiness 2017 so read our blog post for top tips on how to be happy and stay happy....