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Snowdonia’s Amazing Sand Dunes

Posted On: Wed 26 Apr 2017 Posted In: Local History Things To Do Posted By:

The sand dune is one of the Welsh coast’s most prominent contradictions. These vast areas that dominate the coastline of Wales are home to sprawling and enormous walls of shifting sand; at once both huge and impenetrable but also incredibly delicate and fragile. A grain of sand on its own is tiny and insignificant, but when nature clusters hundreds of billions of them together the effect is maze-like. The sand unites to create towering dunes that stand tall above the human footprints that tread softly across them or the plants and animals that make them their home. Sand dunes are some of t ... read the full story

Snowdonia Easter Events

Posted On: Thu 23 Mar 2017 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

With the Easter holidays just around the corner and with two whole weeks with which to entertain your little monkeys, here's our pick of the bunch of local Snowdonia Easter Events. Whether you live in Snowdonia or North Wales, or you're here visiting during the holidays, these Snowdonia Easter Events are guaranteed to entertain the whole family - at least for an hour or two! Ultra Weekend, Coed-y-Brenin (7 - 9th April) - a weekend of running, seminars, training and networking for fans of Ultra Running. The Snowdoni ... read the full story

Free Things to do in Snowdonia

Posted On: Tue 21 Feb 2017 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

So, the happy half term holidays are here already (it only seems like two minutes ago that the kids were going back to school after Christmas!), and we know that entertaining your little darlings for a week can soon add up to a budget blowing week of fun and games. So, if you're visiting Snowdonia this half term, or indeed if you live here, and are looking for some penny saving ideas that will keep the whole family happy and occupied this week, then look no further. Here are our top ideas for free things to do in Snowdonia...... The National Slate Museum, Llanberis - the Slate Museum is ... read the full story

Bracing Beach Walks in Snowdonia

Posted On: Mon 13 Feb 2017 Posted In: Things To Do Walks Posted By:

Along our stunning Welsh coast are hundreds of beautiful beaches – some are wide and long, stretching as far as the eye can see, and others are hidden among the crags and coves of the shoreline. Some are easy to reach, while others take a little more determination to find. Some beaches are scattered with rocks and pebbles, and some are lined with golden sand. We think that every one of our lovely beaches is worth celebrating, so today's blog is a celebration of some of the best bracing beach walks in Snowdonia. The fresh coastal breezes can leave you feeling refreshed and energised, ... read the full story

North Wales Christmas Markets 2016

Posted On: Thu 27 Oct 2016 Posted In: Misc Things To Do Posted By:

Did you know that there are only 58 days until Christmas?? That means there's not many shopping days left until all the presents need to be neatly piled under the tree, happily wrapped and waiting to be ripped open. If the thought of Christmas shopping this year fills you with dread then why not try a day out at one of the best North Wales Christmas Markets 2016. Almost guaranteed to bring out the festive spirit, these brilliant winter open-air markets have been popular in Europe for centuries but have recently made the hop across to the UK and are ever growing in popularity. You'll find del ... read the full story

National Trust in Snowdonia

Posted On: Mon 17 Oct 2016 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

The National Trust is one of the UK’s most well loved, and largest, charities. It looks after over 300 historic buildings, one of the largest collections of historic gardens in Europe, over 600,000 acres of countryside, 700 miles of coastline, a million antique and collectible objects and over 45,000 archaeological sites. When Octavia Hill, the nineteenth century social reformer and campaigner for green spaces and urban parks was asked to help save an historic garden in South East London in the mid 1880’s, she probably had no idea that her vision of a preservation society across England a ... read the full story

Snowdonia Autumn Forest Walks

Posted On: Thu 13 Oct 2016 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

There’s something about forests….. the thick shades of green, the quiet wisdom of aged trees, the soft crackle as walking boots meet dewy undergrowth and the eerie stillness that has inspired a hundred fairy stories and ancient tales. And autumn is absolutely the best time to celebrate and appreciate these natural leafy wonders; when the chameleon leaves turn from vivid green to deep red then burst to warm orange and rich gold. This is Mother Nature’s final fling before winter’s dreary cloak creeps across the land. But just why do leaves change their colours so dramatically jus ... read the full story

North Wales Museums

Posted On: Sun 28 Aug 2016 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

Of course, we're all hoping for a scorching bank holiday here in Snowdonia which will mean we can spend all weekend on the beach topping up our tan and frolicking in the lovely blue seas of Cardigan Bay........ However, we all know that this is August, in Wales, and so although we're optimistic, we are also realists so we're fully prepared for the usual soggy summer bank holiday. And, always ones for being prepared here's an option for a plan B to the beach..... Here in Snowdonia there's a wealth of history and culture right at our fingertips - from the coastal castles to the Victorian mines. ... read the full story

Snowdonia Bank Holiday Adventure

Posted On: Mon 22 Aug 2016 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

The weather may not have been up to much these past few days in Snowdonia but we have been assured that the sunshine will be back for the long bank holiday weekend! A sunny summer bank holiday, imagine that! But we can certainly dream, and plan for a gloriously hot and sunny weekend. But, just what to do with a lovely hot summer weekend? Here in Snowdonia there are hundreds of options for days out - attractions, museums, heritage sites, beaches, mountains and parks. But, if you fancy adding a little adventure to your weekend, then look no further than the glorious area of Snowdonia and all it ... read the full story

Geocaching for Beginners

Posted On: Fri 19 Aug 2016 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

If you’re looking for a coastal activity that’ll get the whole family involved then why not try your hand at Geocaching this summer?  Did you know that there are tiny secrets hiding all along Snowdonia – on beaches, under rocks, in caves, coves and caverns, in trees, under piers, along pontoons, in beach-huts and under bridges? You may never have seen them, or even heard of them before, but once you get your head around the art of this very modern form of treasure hunting, you might just become hooked! So, just what is geocaching? It’s basically an outdoor sport that is based on an ... read the full story