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International Day of Happiness 2017

Posted On: Mon 20 Mar 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

March 20th is the annual International Day of Happiness. Since 2012 this day has been celebrated across the world to remind people to be happy, spread happiness and share happiness, in order to create a happier world! Experts have long known that personal happiness contributes to greater well-being, life satisfaction and even life expectancy. But surprisingly, happiness doesn't always come from a highly paid job, a big house and a flash car. Happiness goes much deeper than that. Perhaps there's some truth to the saying that happiness comes from the smaller things in life. So, here's the O ... read the full story

How to Eat Your 10 a Day

Posted On: Fri 10 Mar 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

So, there we were, happily munching our way through our "5-a-day", and secretly enjoying an excuse to chomp on something - albeit an apple or pear, or if we're feeling really exciting, some red grapes. And not even the kids have spotted the hidden veggies in their favourite pasta sauce. And then they change the rules...... The news hit last week that actually we should be aiming for 10 portions of fruit and veg a day. 10! Wow. And they tell us that wine doesn't count....ok, time for a re-think then! According to a recent study, eating between 7 and 10 portions of fruit and veg a day ca ... read the full story

Welsh Whisky

Posted On: Sun 26 Feb 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

The Penderyn Whisky Distillery, in the heart of the Brecon Beacons in South Wales is finally putting Welsh whisky back on the map. It is the only distillery in Wales, and the unique taste of the whisky that is produced there is certainly holding its own against its better known Scottish and Irish cousins. Just over ten years ago, a group of friends gathered together for drinks at a pub near Aberdare. Conversation flowed, but the friends all lamented the lack of a real Welsh whisky, when the other Celtic nations so clearly had their own spirit identity. And so it was that out of this evening e ... read the full story

How to Stay Safe in a Storm

Posted On: Thu 02 Feb 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

As Storm Doris (read our previous blog post for the reasons behind the UK's interesting storm names!) is hitting the UK towards the end of this week, coastal regions being particularly at risk - we take a closer look at how to stay safe in a storm (apart from not going out and hiding under the table!).... Actually, you should avoid going out if at all possible. Indoors is the safest place to be when the wind is howling and the rain is hammering down. If you do need to venture out, then only do so if it is absolutely necessary. Avoid bridges (many will be closed anyway) and anywhere w ... read the full story

The Legend of Cardigan Bay

Posted On: Mon 02 Jan 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

Happy New Year to all our lovely blog readers! We hope you had a wonderful festive time. To celebrate the beginning of 2017, which is the Year of Legends in our lovely little country, today we'll explore one of the most wonderful legends in Wales - the tale of Cantre'r Gwaelod (which literally translates as Lower City), a once legendary city that spanned the length of Cardigan Bay - from the tip of Bardsey Island in the north, to the tip of Ramsey Island in the south.  This is the ancient lost land of Wales..... Legend has it that many many centuries ago, a ruler called Gwyddno Garanhir rul ... read the full story

The Perfect Christmas Pudding

Posted On: Mon 19 Dec 2016 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

Hands up who loves a Christmas pud? And who can leave it and leave it and leave it thank you very much, none of that for me.... In an age of chocolate caramel middle-melting puddings and pistachio and chilli cakes, the Christmas pudding isn't exactly fashionable, but it is timeless. Love it or hate it, the good old Christmas pud is a traditional part of the Christmas feast, and most families will have one, or a variation of one, on the table on Christmas Day. So, if you're yet to perfect your pud then here are our handy hints. Christmas Puddings are best made way in advance to let all t ... read the full story

King Arthur in Snowdonia

Posted On: Mon 12 Dec 2016 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

It is a tale of mystery and intrigue; of passion and adultery; of balancing national peace with courageous morals and of the search for a cure for all ills and eternal happiness. You would be forgiven for thinking that these are the ingredients of a modern story, but with the small addition of a wise sorcerer, a faithful sword and a magnificent hilltop castle, this is in fact one of the oldest and most famous legends in the world. The fables and sagas of King Arthur are also some of the most hotly debated. After many centuries of meticulous research, scientific theories, romantic assumptions ... read the full story

Legend of the Welsh Dragon

Posted On: Fri 09 Dec 2016 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

Today on the Oakeley blog we're continuing our journey through the legends of Wales, with a look at one of the most legendary tales and characters of all time - the story of the Welsh Dragon, or yr Ddraig Goch. These days, the dragon is used to identify all sorts of Welsh things - from our national flag to the logos of tourism bodies and local councils. However, the red dragon has a long and fascinating history. The distinctive red dragon has long been a symbol of Welsh culture and identity and has strong links with our history. In the Mabinogion story Llydd and Llefelys, a fierce red dr ... read the full story

A Christmas Turkey

Posted On: Thu 08 Dec 2016 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

For those of us that are counting, there are just 17 little days left until Christmas Day. 17! Are you organised and calm, or are you running around like a headless chicken? Or should that be turkey? Because over the festive period the UK will be chomping their way through 10 million turkeys, with 76% of the population serving up a turkey at the Christmas dinner table. But having a Christmas turkey is something of a modern tradition - it wasn't commonplace until the 1950s when they became more readily available. Up until then, goose, capon or even beef were served. The Christmas turkey first ... read the full story

Wildlife Photography Tips

Posted On: Fri 02 Dec 2016 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

Our regular blog readers will know that we love a good walk here at the Oakeley Arms, and we truly believe that right here in the heart of Snowdonia, there's no better place for an amble, walk, stroll, hike, hill climb or mountain trek. Walkers can choose from glorious coastal scenery, wide open beaches, mighty forests and magnificent hills and mountains, so there's a walk for everybody and every day. Another thing that Snowdonia is famed for is its wonderful array of wildlife and nature. From the famous flora and fauna of the Snowdonia hills to the seaside birds of the coast. So why not comb ... read the full story