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Best Snowdonia Picnic Spots

Posted On: Mon 26 Jun 2017 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

As the longer (and with any luck warmer) days of summer roll out lazily before us, one of the nation’s favourite pastimes is to pack a picnic and head to the great outdoors to enjoy a feast. And packing for a picnic is a truly personal affair – some won’t mind the usual cheese and tomato sandwich wrapped in foil while others expect a more lavish spread of cold meats, salads, olives, pates, breads and cheeses. Picnicing is often regarded as a quintessentially British pastime, and luckily most of us don’t let a little thing like the weather put us off a planned picnic. The history of pi ... read the full story

Snowdonia Slate Mines

Posted On: Sun 25 Jun 2017 Posted In: Local History Posted By:

A quiet corner of north Wales holds deep buried secrets to the area’s bustling industrial past From a distance, the mountains that surround the little town of Blaenau Ffestiniog are breathtaking in their quiet beauty, but dig a little deeper and there is a treasure trove of secrets to unlock; a glimpse of a noisy and destructive industrial era long left behind and an eerie peek into the hard life of a quarry miner in the mid nineteenth century. Slate was first mined in North Wales as far back as roman times, when the fort at Segontium near Caernarfon was built with local slate. But it was ... read the full story

Abersoch Walk

Posted On: Mon 19 Jun 2017 Posted In: Walks Posted By:

Wow! Are we having a heat-wave or what?! The whole of Britain (pretty much!) is enjoying temperatures into the 20s this week. It would almost be criminal not to head to the coast in this gorgeous weather so we thought we'd dig out one of our favourite coast walks - just along the Llyn Peninsula at Abersoch. Beautiful! That's if you can bear to drag yourself off the sun-lounger.... who needs Spain eh?! Where:              Abersoch, Gwynedd Distance:          Approx 5 miles Difficulty:          Moderate Start:                Beach car park, ... read the full story

Gardens of Snowdonia

Posted On: Sun 18 Jun 2017 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

Spectacular gardens are often revered as much as the grand houses that they belong to, and for centuries stunning gardens have inspired daydreamers, artists and writers. “Green fingers are the extension of a verdant heart” declared the twentieth century landscape architect and gardener, Russell Page. His clients included Prince Edward, the Duke and duchess of Windsor, fashion designer Oscar de la Renta and the National Gardens at Washington; so it could be said that he knew a thing or two about the power of gardens and the blessing of green fingers. But, worry not if you aren't green fing ... read the full story

World’s Greatest Lies

Posted On: Wed 14 Jun 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

Today on the blog, just for a bit of fun, we're looking at some of the greatest lies told in history and their far reaching consequences.......... Robert Louis Stevenson once said that “the cruellest lies are often told in silence”, but there are some lies that have become so famous that the figures who told them wished that they too had kept to silence! Perhaps the most famous political lies of this century have emerged from across the Atlantic. The Watergate scandal of the 1970’s was the biggest string of political lies, deceit and fraud that the American public had ever seen, and r ... read the full story

Tips to Stop you Snacking

Posted On: Sun 11 Jun 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

Hands up who among our lovely blog readers is a snacking demon?? Ok, you got us - hands straight up there!! There is no better thought than a mid-morning cup of tea (or panad as we would say here in Wales) with a delicious dunked cookie. And sometimes, the only thing that gets us through the afternoon is sitting down at 4pm with a big drink and a naughty pastry. And of course, there has to be something to nibble on with a glass of wine later.... ooops! If you're looking to improve your diet and lose weight, then tackling your snacking could be a good place to start. Whilst some experts belie ... read the full story

British and Irish Lions Tour 2017

Posted On: Thu 08 Jun 2017 Posted In: Local News Posted By:

Here in Wales we're never far from a rugby game, and this summer is no different. 2017 is time for the British and Irish Lions Tour - and this year, the team are heading to New Zealand to compete in a series of test matches against the mighty Southern Hemisphere teams. The British and Irish Lions is a rugby team made up of players who are eligible to play for any of the home nation teams - that is Wales, England, Ireland and Scotland. The team tours every four years - and always to a Southern Hemisphere team to play them. The British and Irish Lions Tour 2017 takes place in New Zealand, whe ... read the full story

Cardiff Champions League Final

Posted On: Fri 02 Jun 2017 Posted In: Local News Posted By:

Unless you've been living in a cave this week, you will have heard that one of the world's largest sporting events is coming to Wales this weekend...... Wales' capital city Cardiff is proud to host the Champions League Final 2017. And it's not just the football game either, there's a four day festival happening across the city to celebrate this most extraordinary sporting event. The UEFA Champions League is one of the most prestigious football competitions in the world. It takes places annually across Europe - with the best teams from Europe competing for the coveted trophy. It was establi ... read the full story

One Mile Walks

Posted On: Thu 01 Jun 2017 Posted In: Walks Posted By:

Are we losing the art of ambling? You don't need to stomp for miles and miles to explore the beautiful landscape and scenery that we have here in Snowdonia. In fact, One Mile Walks are the perfect way to boost your fitness and your senses in just one easy mile. Although walking as a leisure activity or as a sight-seeing exercise is as popular as ever in the UK, the art of walking just for the sake of walking is fast becoming a thing of the past. There is often no time left for a deliberate dawdle, a slow stroll or an amiable amble. Countryside walks are often undertaken with the same speed a ... read the full story

Snowdonia National Park

Posted On: Sun 28 May 2017 Posted In: Local History Posted By:

As regular readers of the Oakeley blog will know, we are absolutely thrilled to live and work in Snowdonia National Park. It is one of the finest natural spaces in Britain and it is an absolutely stunning place to live and visit, and earlier this week on the blog, we found out more about the Snowdonia Giving Project, of which we are extremely proud to be part of. But just what does it mean to live in or visit a National Park? Well, in England and Wales, a National Park is a region of outstanding beauty that are designated as such in order to protect and preserve them. In other parts ... read the full story