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Welsh Legends of Stage and Screen

Posted On: Thu 17 Aug 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

2017 is the Visit Wales Year of Legends, and so far on the Oakeley blog we have discovered some of the legends of Wales - from the tale of the mighty dragon to the tale of King Arthur, right here in Snowdonia. Today, we thought we'd explore some legends of a different kind. These legends have helped to make Wales the wonderful and proud nation that it is today. These legends have put Wales on the international map, and helped to make the world understand what a wonderful place Wales is. These are the Welsh legends of stage and screen..... see how many you recognise....... Keith Allen - ... read the full story

Wales Air Ambulance

Posted On: Mon 14 Aug 2017 Posted In: Local News Posted By:

Here in Britain, we are incredibly lucky to know that in an emergency, help is never far away. We dial one simple number and help will quickly arrive, whatever it is we need - the police, fire service or the ambulance. And here in Snowdonia, where access to emergencies is often limited because of remote locations or tricky access roads, there is a "fourth" emergency service that provides a crucial and often lifesaving service to residents and visitors of Snowdonia. The Wales Air Ambulance has been serving Wales since it was first launched in 2001 in Swansea. Since then it has expanded the se ... read the full story

Llyn Mair Walk, Oakeley Arms Hotel

Posted On: Sat 12 Aug 2017 Posted In: Walks Posted By:

This walk is such an old one (we first published it in September 2011) but it has been so popular that we thought it is well-worth re-visiting. And you never know, we might even get some sunny weather to go and explore this beautiful little corner of Wales. You could combine it with a trip on the Ffestiniog Railway or enjoy a refreshing drink and a well-deserved meal back at the hotel when you've finished! It's a fabulous Llyn Mair Walk, straight from the Oakeley Arms Hotel. Leave the hotel and turn right, heading up the hill. Follow this (sorry it's steep!) as it eventually reaches t ... read the full story

Historic Shipwrecks of Snowdonia

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Wales’ heritage is tightly bound in a tapestry of maritime history, and the waters along the beautiful coast are rich with legends of wrecks, high drama at sea, long forgotten folklore and heart warming tales of rescue. The black seas pound against the boat’s wooden hulls, while herculean winds snap sharply through vast sails. The storm is ferocious, and the captain begins to doubt the strength of his ship to guide them through tempestuous seas. The mountainous metal anchor is no match for the pull of the ocean, and the hapless vessel is dragged impulsively onto coastal rocks and into s ... read the full story

Games to Play on the Beach

Posted On: Mon 31 Jul 2017 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

Just what exactly is the weather doing in North Wales at the moment? One minute we're getting a suntan on the beach and the next second we're reaching for the brolly. Changeable is one way of putting it. But, in between the grey clouds and showers, there are patches of glorious sunshine, so why not take a chance and head out to one of Snowdonia's beautiful beaches. You can find our suggestions for beaches to visit here but once you've got there, how about some ideas for games to keep the whole family entertained? Here's our favourite Games to Play on the Beach..... Digging Cont ... read the full story

Snowdonia Bumble Bees

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The humble bumblebee is arguably one of Britain’s favourite insects; its fluffy, plump body, bright colours and contented buzz make these little creatures unusually endearing. So it’s no surprise that when the plight of the bumblebee was highlighted in the news recently, campaigns have taken off across the country to try and help save these lovely insects. The main reason for the decline in our native bumblebees is loss of habitat. In the UK all of our native species of bumblebees are thought to have declined significantly in recent decades. We have even lost a species to extinction ... read the full story

Harlech Castle

Posted On: Wed 26 Jul 2017 Posted In: Local History Posted By:

The mighty Harlech castle has stood defiantly watching over the town and coast for over 700 years, and its walls are packed with history and intrigue. Our Walk with History delves deeper into the legend of one of Wales’ finest medieval castles. The year is 1272. After decades of civil war and unrest, England is in turmoil. The aristocracy are battling over land rights and the working classes are sensing unrest. A new king, Edward I, has just come to the throne and he is determined to restore peace; he plans to begin by dealing with England’s most troublesome neighbour, Wales. Tensions be ... read the full story

A Rainy Day Walk

Posted On: Fri 21 Jul 2017 Posted In: Uncategorized Posted By:

Well, the start of the summer holidays are here, and so is the summer holiday weather. It has been absolutely raining cats and dogs here in Snowdonia these past few days so today's blog post is a celebration of the rain.... We can't do anything about it, so let's celebrate it (and our hanging baskets love it!). Britain is renowned for its wet and rainy climate; the weather is often the butt of jokes and gags and the British are stereotyped in their fondness for talking about the unpredictable weather of their island. But, when the heavens open and the rain starts to pour, the nation famously ... read the full story

Top 10 Snowdonia Summer Must-Do’s

Posted On: Thu 20 Jul 2017 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

Hands up who's counting the days until the start of the school holidays? They are pretty close now - only one or two sleeps until school is officially OUT for summer, wahooooooo! And hands up who is planning a trip to Snowdonia this summer holidays? If you are, then you must be doubly excited because Snowdonia has some of the finest and best attractions and family days out in the country. If you're visiting this summer and are in need of some ideas, then read on for our Top 10 Snowdonia Summer Must-Do's.... you can't visit Snowdonia without seeing these amazing attractions and things-to-do.. ... read the full story

Snowdonia Sandcastles

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Sandcastle building is one of the greatest pleasures of a day at the beach, for old and young alike. The coastline of Snowdonia has plenty of gorgeous beaches for building practice too..... It’s a common scene on beaches along the Welsh coast - the careful planning, the furious digging, the patting and shaping, and lastly the decoration with driftwood, shells and other beach debris. Sandcastle building is one of the most popular family pastimes during a day on the beach and it’s one that never ages. Children today enjoy it as much as they did generations ago – and there’s not a wi-fi ... read the full story