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Snowdonia’s Amazing Sand Dunes

Posted On: Wed 26 Apr 2017 Posted In: Local History Things To Do Posted By:

The sand dune is one of the Welsh coast’s most prominent contradictions. These vast areas that dominate the coastline of Wales are home to sprawling and enormous walls of shifting sand; at once both huge and impenetrable but also incredibly delicate and fragile. A grain of sand on its own is tiny and insignificant, but when nature clusters hundreds of billions of them together the effect is maze-like. The sand unites to create towering dunes that stand tall above the human footprints that tread softly across them or the plants and animals that make them their home. Sand dunes are some of t ... read the full story

Tips for Camping with Children

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So, Spring is just around the corner.... we promise! And if the appearance of sunshine prompts thoughts of idyllic summer camping holidays then you wouldn't be alone. Camping is one of the fastest growing holiday types in the UK, with more and more families choosing to stay in Britain and dust off the old camping gear. But, if the thought of taking the small ones camping terrifies you, then here's our handy guide to camping with little people in tow (and yes, it involves wine!!)....... Top tips for camping with children: While planning your trip, consider the time of year, especially i ... read the full story

Surfers Against Sewage

Posted On: Fri 21 Apr 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

Here in beautiful Snowdonia we are lucky to live in one of the most stunning regions of the UK, with dramatic landscapes and glorious coastlines. Sadly though, our beaches and coastlines aren't always treated with the care and attention that they deserve, and the issues of waste, litter, sewage and rubbish is one that affects beaches and coasts across the country. Surfers Against Sewage is a nationwide charity that works to conserve and protect Britain's coastlines from threats such as rubbish, global warming and toxic chemicals, in order that the seas and coasts are preserved and protected ... read the full story

Snowdonia on Television

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“I am not a number, I am a free man” shouts Patrick McGoohan’s character Number 6 in The Prisoner, one of the most iconic television series from the 1960s. The line is perhaps one of the most well-known from the series that captured the public’s imagination when it was first broadcast in 1967. The Prisoner will forever be linked with our corner of Snowdonia because it was here that the series was filmed. The atmospheric Italianate village of Portmeirion provided the backdrop to the series and was the “real-life” location of the fictional “Village” (to where Patrick McGoohan ... read the full story

Capel Curig Snowdonia Walk

Posted On: Fri 14 Apr 2017 Posted In: Walks Posted By:

On the last blog post we revealed some fitness secrets that you can easily incorporate into your walking routine to get you fit and fabulous in no time. Well, today we've got a stunning walk for you to try out - a hill walk in the heart of beautiful Snowdonia. Push those fitness limits and try this Capel Curig Snowdonia Walk this weekend.... Where:              Capel Curig, Conwy Distance:          Approx 4 miles Difficulty:          Strenuous hill walk Start:                Car park at Capel Curig (take the A5 between Betws-y-Coed and Bethesda. ... read the full story

Walk to Fitness

Posted On: Tue 11 Apr 2017 Posted In: Misc Walks Posted By:

So, the sun is out and summer is fast approaching, and you've realised you need to get fit fast if you've got any hope of getting into last year's shorts (or is that just us, ooops!). But, don't panic! We don't think there's any need for hideous fitness regimes or expensive gym memberships to get you into shape. All you need is a walk (or two) to get your heart pumping and those calories burning. We show you how you can work your walk and walk to fitness because it’s perfectly possible to turn your regular walks into fitness boosting sessions without too much effort at all. In seven easy ste ... read the full story

Snowdonia Birdwatching Walk

Posted On: Sun 09 Apr 2017 Posted In: Walks Posted By:

Earlier this week on the blog we featured the best places in Snowdonia to head out with your binoculars and spot some beautiful feathered friends (see here if you missed it....) and today we think it's a perfect day to head out on a Snowdonia Birdwatching Walk. Not only is the scenery absolutely stunning, but you might just spot some gorgeous birds whilst you're out there. The walk starts in Furnace, near Machynlleth, about half an hour's drive, heading South from the Oakeley Arms, and explores the lovely Ynyshir Nature Reserve. Where:              Furnace and Eglwys Fach, Machyn ... read the full story

Birdwatching in Snowdonia

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We all know that the Welsh coast is a wonderful place for a holiday at any time of year, but so apparently, do thousands upon thousands of migratory birds that come here each year to escape the bad weather of home and to wade, wallow, feast and frolic in the lush and fertile mud plains of our lovely shores. There are lush estuaries all around the Welsh Coast that provide the perfect habitat and are just packed full of delicious food that these migratory birds need on their journeys south. At least 4,000 species of birds are migratory birds – a whopping 40% of the world’s total! Some of th ... read the full story