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Cwm Nantcol Walk

Posted On: Fri 31 Mar 2017 Posted In: Walks Posted By:

There certainly has been a lot of rain over the last few days, but our featured walk this week is perfect for the days after rain - the waterfalls will be in full flow! Cwm Nantcol is a steep valley in the foothill of the Rhinogydd Mountains, just above the village of Llanbedr. The valley views are stunning and it's also known for it's beautiful waterfalls. When the rain eases off, try this stunning Cwm Nantcol Walk - just a short drive from the Oakeley Arms Hotel. Where:              Nantcol, near Llanbedr, Gwynedd Distance:          Approx 2 miles Difficulty:    ... read the full story

New £1 Coin 2017

Posted On: Thu 30 Mar 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

Did you know that the original £1 coin was first introduced into British purses more than 34 years ago? The trusty £1 coin has been one of the longest running coins produced by the Royal Mint, but it's time for a refresh! This week, a brand new £1 coin was launched - and not only does it look very different to the old, round, gold coins, but there are lots of very clever security features that stop it being illegally copied so easily - one of the flaws of the old £1 coins. The new £1 coin for 2017 is 12 sided, rather than round and like the current £2 coins, is bi-metallic - made of two ... read the full story

Snowdonia Easter Events

Posted On: Thu 23 Mar 2017 Posted In: Things To Do Posted By:

With the Easter holidays just around the corner and with two whole weeks with which to entertain your little monkeys, here's our pick of the bunch of local Snowdonia Easter Events. Whether you live in Snowdonia or North Wales, or you're here visiting during the holidays, these Snowdonia Easter Events are guaranteed to entertain the whole family - at least for an hour or two! Ultra Weekend, Coed-y-Brenin (7 - 9th April) - a weekend of running, seminars, training and networking for fans of Ultra Running. The Snowdoni ... read the full story

International Day of Happiness 2017

Posted On: Mon 20 Mar 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

March 20th is the annual International Day of Happiness. Since 2012 this day has been celebrated across the world to remind people to be happy, spread happiness and share happiness, in order to create a happier world! Experts have long known that personal happiness contributes to greater well-being, life satisfaction and even life expectancy. But surprisingly, happiness doesn't always come from a highly paid job, a big house and a flash car. Happiness goes much deeper than that. Perhaps there's some truth to the saying that happiness comes from the smaller things in life. So, here's the O ... read the full story

David Lloyd George in North Wales

Posted On: Sun 19 Mar 2017 Posted In: Local History Posted By:

“He was the greatest Welshman which that unconquerable race has produced since the age of the Tudors….. and those that come after us will find the pillars of his life’s toil upstanding, massive and indestructible”. Winston Churchill’s parliamentary tribute to David Lloyd George just after his death in 1945 paid homage to the Liberal politician who had come to be considered as one of the greatest social reformers of the twentieth century. When Lloyd George’s father, a schoolmaster working in Manchester, passed away soon after his birth his mother took her young family back t ... read the full story

North Wales Stately Homes

Posted On: Wed 15 Mar 2017 Posted In: Local History Posted By:

Here in Wales, we boast a history and heritage that dates back thousands of years, so it's no surprise that dotted all around North Wales are some of the most beautiful and historic stately homes and manor houses in the country. Built for a huge number of reasons, these elegant and often enormous houses were quite literally a showcase of affluence and titles. Some were built as residences for the landed gentry, some were raised from the profits of successful businesses during the industrial revolution, and some were built as shows of defiance after victorious wins in battles for land. But wh ... read the full story

How to Eat Your 10 a Day

Posted On: Fri 10 Mar 2017 Posted In: Misc Posted By:

So, there we were, happily munching our way through our "5-a-day", and secretly enjoying an excuse to chomp on something - albeit an apple or pear, or if we're feeling really exciting, some red grapes. And not even the kids have spotted the hidden veggies in their favourite pasta sauce. And then they change the rules...... The news hit last week that actually we should be aiming for 10 portions of fruit and veg a day. 10! Wow. And they tell us that wine doesn't count....ok, time for a re-think then! According to a recent study, eating between 7 and 10 portions of fruit and veg a day ca ... read the full story

Exploring Wales’ Legends

Posted On: Wed 08 Mar 2017 Posted In: Local History Posted By:

As we've already discovered as we've delved into some of Wales' most famous tales and legends - almost every little corner, nook and cranny of our wonderful country has an ancient story or legend attached to it. It's one of the things we love about Wales - the culture and landscape that dates back thousands and thousands of years. And now, Natural Resources Wales - the government body responsible for looking after Wales' natural assets - have made it easier than ever to explore some of the most famous myths and legends of Wales with the launch of two new apps. The PlacesToGo app shows you w ... read the full story